Elko Needs More Commercial Flights: Here’s Why

Elko Needs More Commercial Flights: Here’s Why

I had no idea there was something missing in my life, until I flew for the very first time just last year, and this completely changed the way I think of travel! After driving for 8+ hours, you almost feel like you just had a major surgery at times. A giant headache, you have a hard time walking at first, and you’ve had so much caffeine, you know sleep isn’t a factor. Not when you fly! An hour or two later, and you’re hundreds of miles from home, and if your lucky and got a quick nap, you actually feel well rested and ready to take on the day!

Now, for those of us in Elko, we have one exciting location to choose from, and that’s Salt Lake City. Granted, you could just drive the 3 hours and then fly somewhere, but that defeats the purpose right? Plus a one-way ticket is going to cost you upwards of $250, depending on the season.

With Elko being serviced by Delta/Sky West, back in November the airline talked lightly about adding a non-stop affordable option to Reno/Tahoe, which would be the first in more than a decade. This would open up a variety of options, including the Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Boise, and even Southern California much easier, and closer than from SLC. Let alone Reno itself, which has many ties to families and businesses here in Elko.

But of course, until we hear anything official, it’s all just hallway chatter with hopes this one day will take motion. As Elko businesses continue to grow, and demand for quick travel rises, this seems like a no-brainer for airlines, and would be a great way to bring in out-of-state guests with a will to gamble. Plus, Elko has a very nice airport, we should take advantage of it!

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