5 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season In Nevada

5 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season In Nevada

The leaves might not have started changing colors completely yet, but this weather definitely is giving us ‘Autumn Vibes’. And for me, those are some of the best vibes ever! There’s probably an unlimited number of reasons why Fall could be considered the best season for Nevadan’s, but here are just the Top 5 that I can think of:

5. Candy Corn

While this might be available nationwide, it’s still worth noting this season brings some awesome candy… Unless you aren’t a fan of Candy Corn. But then you’re not really human!

4. Leaf Piles

I’ll always remember when we would go out in the past years and rake together as many leaves as we could find, and do ‘insane’ stunts straight into them (Probably just us jumping into them but to us it was ‘insane’.) Also a pro-tip, Lamoille Grove is one of the best places for this!

3. Cool and Crisp Weather

Break out your sweaters and get some Apple Cider on the stove! The weather could be considered by many to play a key part in our transition to weather, and Nevada never disappoints. 50-60F, light breezes, and occasional rain showers. Just enough to break out the scarves, but not enough to freeze you out! (At least, not yet… It’s coming so enjoy this while it lasts!)


Need I say more?

1. Lamoille Canyon

If you haven’t driven up to Lamoille canyon yet during the fall season, I HIGHLY encourage you to add this one to the calendar. Truly breathtaking views are to be held up there during these short months,
when all the colors change and reflect off the moving water. It’s also one of the last times you’ll be able to venture up there as they typically close it off for the winter season when the snow becomes too much to handle, so get up there!



Those are just my personal reasons, do you have any extra to add? Or maybe even remove? Post a comment on our Facebook page and I’ll highlight ya. :]

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