Heading to Lagoon this summer? Here are some tips on how to save!

Heading to Lagoon this summer? Here are some tips on how to save!

It’s safe to say that about every time this year I become over-obsessed with going to Lagoon in the coming summer! And although one of the biggest perks of going to Lagoon is the fact that it’s relatively in-expensive to go, who doesn’t like to save a few dollars anyway, right? So here are a couple tips on ways to shave down that entry ticket price to paradise:

Costco Wholesale:
When in doubt that anything could possibly get any cheaper, leave it to Costco, who in the local area of Salt Lake and surrounding cities sells day passes for a cool $45.99, saving you $8.00 off an adult pass. They suggest calling ahead of time to make sure they’re in stock, but typically carry the vouchers all the way through the summer and into ‘Frightmares.’

Coke Can:

What’s been described as ‘An oldie but goodie,’ if you bring a can of good-ol’ Coca Cola, they will knock off $7 for the adult pass, leaving you almost at the same price as a Costco pass.


Military members and their Families, can get a discount saving as much as $16.95 off admission passports. To get the savings you MUST take along this coupon. Active military personal will pay $39 for a passport and accompanying family members will pay $46.95. Just remember that a Military ID is required, and you have to purchase these in-person.

Season Pass/Bounce-Back:

And of course there are the usual ways to save, if you plan on going more often than just a couple times this year a Season Pass will pay for itself typically in a matter of just two trips!

Your milage may vary on the next one, which is my personal favorite. The Bounce-Back is offered on specific week(end)s, and allows you to purchase a second day on top of any of the above methods for typically under $20! It’s a great way to maximize your time, and if you can’t stay the whole day or want to head back home before it gets too late, you don’t have to feel bad about paying for an entire day!

It should also be mentioned that any of the passes mentioned above /does/ include access to Lagoon-A-Beach, the water park located right in the middle of the park, at no extra charge.

For an entire calendar showing the parks’ hours this year, check here. Also check here for season passports as pictured above, and for the love of God if you go Lagoon without me I WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN! (… Probably not true ;])

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