“When Jesus Returns”

“When Jesus Returns”

When Jesus returns at the chosen time
As the One true God and King,
Will thousands of angels fill the sky?
Will heavenly voices sing?

When Jesus returns will trumpets sound
As we witness this glorious sight?
Will we fall to our knees when our eyes behold
His power, glory and might?

When Jesus returns to our home on Earth
Be it summer, spring, winter or fall,
Will we be lost in our usual thoughts
Or be thinking of Him at all?

When Jesus comes to claim His elect
Will we be ready to go?
For the day and hour that He’ll appear
Is not for us to know!

When Jesus returns for the final call
Will the faithless THEN hear and see?
Will His entrance change the hearts of those
Who never chose to believe?

When Jesus returns from the Heavenly Throne
Will be world be silent and still?
Will those who’ve mocked Him stand in awe
When prophecy is fulfilled?

When Jesus returns as promised
I pray that all men will be,
Prepared to depart with the King of Kings
To Heaven for Eternity!!!

by Leslie Rummel

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